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Saving for that much needed holiday needn’t be a chore anymore. SAA Voyager, Africa’s largest and most popular frequent flyer loyalty programme has entered into a partnership with TOTAL South Africa – its first such partnership with a fuel retail company. The good news is each time you fill up at a participating Total service station; you earn 1 SAA Voyager Mile for every 1 litre of fuel purchased.

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How to earn SAA Voyager Miles when purchasing fuel at a participating TOTAL Service Station

As a SAA Voyager member you can earn SAA Voyager Miles at participating TotalEnergies retail service stations in three ways:

At selected service stations you can claim your Miles on selected electronic payment terminals on the forecourt.

At selected service stations you can only claim your Miles in-store at selected electronic payment terminals. (Fuel Claims only).

If for any reason your till slip printed with a decline message or no message at all, or you paid cash you need to follow a manual claim process.

A form completed via followed by an email of the till slip to [email protected].

A form completed via the Total Services App. (New quick and easy way to claim)

For more details click on “How do I earn SAA Voyager Miles at TotalEnergies” below.


Important to remember:

Only fuel purchases at TotalEnergies will earn you Miles, not purchases made at TotalEnergies forecourt convenience stores.

Fuel transactions must not exceed 200 litres, per transaction, per fill, per day (within a 24 our period);

Multiple submissions are allowed up to a limit of 200lt per day i.e. 50lt in morning and 50lt in afternoon;

Vehicles with a tank capacity exceeding 200 litres are not eligible to earn Miles;

Till slips (including point of sale and / or electronic payment terminals):

Duplicate till slips are not deemed as valid, only original TOTAL Service Station till slips are accepted;

Till slips not stamped on the front and that has not been completed / filled in with the members name, surname, SAA Voyager number and date of transaction will be rejected;

If the date of the transaction does not match the date filled in on the stamp the claim will be rejected;

Manual claims are required for cash transactions or when no Miles have printed on the till slip.  The following rules apply:

Customers must complete the online TotalEnergies Claim form via;

Valid till slips including the TOT reference number must be emailed to [email protected] and cannot be submitted via the SAA Voyager website;

Voyager member details on the till slip must match the Voyager number on the online form completed on ;

Till slips that were not submitted within 48 hours of the transaction being finalised will be rejected;

Members can only earn Miles once per transaction and duplicate submissions of the same transaction will be rejected;

Members can only earn Voyager Miles in their personal capacity and not on behalf of another member or business;

If you are not an SAA Voyager member and would like to register, contact the SAA Voyager Call Centre on Tel: 086 0003 245, Fax +27 11 978 1551 or email [email protected] or visit  

Programme specific Terms and Conditions can be found on or you can simply click on “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom of this page.


Terms and Conditions - Fuel Vouchers

How to claim SAA Voyager Miles at TotalEnergies?

Claim SAA Voyager Miles

Terms and Conditions

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