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Our people



Join the Totalgaz team

Do you:

  • Demonstrate professional excellence in your field?
  • Have the ability to overcome changing business challenges?
  • Have ideas, and are proactive, motivated and passionate about your work?
  • Behave ethically and have good business ethos and acumen?

If you fit this profile, send us your CV or contact our Human Resources department for more information.


Human Resources and Recruitment

The Human Resources department manages all processes relating to employee administration and well-being.

It also works in partnership with business in aligning HR strategies with business strategies, and in identifying and executing all employee-related activities that are implemented by these strategies.

The vision of the HR department is to provide a service that is effective, professional and empowering.

Our recruitment policy ensures that the requirements of South Africa’s latest labour legislation and fair labour practices are met. 

We strive to promote the adequate advancement of previously disadvantaged people.

Our employee profile is reflective of our commitment to having a diverse and demographically representative workforce.